I’m still here, I haven’t posted in a few weeks. A lot has been going on in my personal life. I’ve been diagnosed with Polyhydramnios with this pregnancy which basically means the baby has a lot more than average fluid around him. I’ve never heard of this before, my first pregnancy was an absolute dream I had no issues or complications. I finally started buying baby items this time round including my pushchair, crib etc and then I get this diagnosis. My midwife assured me everything would be fine, they are just going to keep a close eye on baby to make sure he’s growing as he should. I wouldn’t care if I was 36+ weeks already, but as I’m only 30 weeks in, I feel as though the final 10 weeks are going to drag and my anxiety is at it’s highest. I’m back to eating healthy, taking it easy and watching my stress levels. I pray everything continues to progress as it should and the fluid levels reduce, time will tell.


..what’s new? not alot… I haven’t really got any updates or anything new to share so this blog post is a bit pointless I guess. I’m just super bored and have some free time which doesn’t come around very often. Hubby is at work, dinner is cooking, and my little boy is playing with his toys. I’m feeling so sick too and I’m not sure why, I THINK I’ve eaten something that didn’t agree with me, my stomach is in knots and I keep getting really cold and shivery. I hate being ill. I can still feel the baby moving and kicking as normal so I’m not concerned, I just hope it passes soon.

We finally finished the boys room, this is my sons bedroom and the baby will share with him when he arrives. He picked marvel because he is super hero crazy, he literally thinks he’s spiderman.

Next we have to finish the lounge/living room area. That’s gonna take the most time but we’re aiming for the 2nd December to be completely finished. Then I can completely focus on Christmas and the house will be finished ready for the baby’s arrival. We picked a name, although we are keeping it quiet until he officially arrives. <3 Exciting times!

I’m playing with themes again so if the site looks funny, I’m working on it XD

Goodbye summer

I decided it was time to add a bit of colour here, this theme gets me so excited for Halloween. I love this time of year, Autumn is beautiful, plus it’s that little bit closer to Christmas which is my favorite holiday. The weather here is awful. I love cold frosty mornings but I can’t stand the rain. We’ve had a couple of storms too but the rain is just so miserable, and I can’t find any nice boots anywhere. I’m literally still wearing my flip flops from the summer, I suppose I look a bit daft walking around in torrential rain with sandals on ha. The problem I have is I have funny shaped feet, I need to buy wide fit because I hate tight shoes, plus I can’t bear heels especially being pregnant they do no favors for my back.


My beautiful little boy started a new term in nursery this September. He’s moved up to the piglets group which is 3-4 year olds and he absolutely loves it. He’s made new friends already and as soon as I pick him up at the end of the day he tells me everything he’s done, what he’s had for dinner and what his friends have been doing. I just love this pic of him and his cousin Lily, she’s a year older than him and he towers above her haha. She’s so petite whereas he’s the opposite. I can’t believe how big my baby is getting, it’s the cutest thing how excited he is to become a big brother. He kisses me bump and tells the baby he loves him everyday. I’ve been feeling the most amazing little kicks for a few weeks now, I forgot how much of a beautiful feeling it is. It’s not so amazing when I’m trying to sleep though, but still the cutest thing ever. I have another scan this week. The sonogropher couldn’t get all the measurements at my last scan because baby was hiding and didn’t want to co operate. My stomach really hurt afterwards because she kept pushing on it real hard to get him to wriggle into a different position I had to tell her to stop in the end because of the pain. I’m hoping someone different does the scan this week.

I really want to update L0vestrukk with some new content but I’m stumped on what to add. I such at site decos, vectors and textures and I don’t have the patience to sit and learn. I can make basic graphics and layouts but I have no inspiration on what to do next.

I’ve missed my laptop

So I cleaned my laptop up, I restored it to original settings. Luckily there’s an option NOT to delete your files so they were all saved, it just got rid of everything I installed program-wise, and cleared up any wasted space. It’s running a lot faster, and I’m able to re-install all my programs and restart the 30 day trials. I’m working on L0vestrukk, really want to get that reopened because I feel as though I paid for nothing having it closed, I’ve decided to stick with pixels and cute clip art layouts for over there, it’ll be full of all my old content as well as some new stuff I’ve whipped up. Jellybean will remain my personal blog which I will continue to stay active on, however I won’t be offering any content here, seems a bit pointless having 2 sites of the same thing. I do however want to get a new layout up here, I’d like to do my own but I suck at playing with wordpress, I end up messing everything up which is why I tend to stick to the premade templates.

Offline, I’ve been feeling shit. My anxiety is back with a vengeance, my hormones are all over the place and I’m feeling pretty low and I don’t even know why. I’m halfway through my pregnancy, I feel like it’s speeding up a bit now which is great, but also scary. I have so much to do before baby comes, this month I am doing the boys bedroom. My little boy picked marvel theme, so I’ve bought everything avengers to match so it’s going to look amazing. I bought him a new bed, the only thing I need to get now is storage, he has so much stuff. I’m trying to find matching wardrobe and drawers, preferably white so they will match the babies cot but it’s hard on a budget. I can’t get credit because my credit report is so bad from past debts so I’m having to save and it’s taking a while. My bedroom is finished, we got the carpet in last week and it looks so cosy. Once the final bedroom is done I need to do the lounge which is going to cost the most because it’s twice the size. I just want everything to be right before the baby comes. I’ve not even bought one single baby item yet, I’ve been holding back waiting for the sales. I have another scan on Thursday which’ll be my final scan until I give birth.

boy or girl???

For those of you that didn’t know, and are interested, I had my 4D scan and baby is confirmed to be a little BOY! He certainly isn’t shy and I was able to tell immediately when they zoomed in on that area. I’m over the moon and so is my partner, my little boy still thinks he’s having a sister even though I’ve told him baby is a boy, he still doesn’t quite understand lol..


I’ve been super busy sorting our flat out, I’m switching bedrooms with my little boy so we have the smaller one and he has the larger room, it just makes more sense with all his toys, he’ll have more room to play and it’ll be easier when he eventually shares with the new baby. I’m redecorating as well as trying to get the money together for new flooring, the carpets need replacing desperately here.

I do intend on changing the layout here, I just need to find a cute wp theme I can use. Hope everyone has a great week 🙂

Happy belated birthday to mee

Charlie’s birthday didn’t turn out as planned. Half the guests were ill and didn’t show so I made a ton of food for nothing. The weather was just as awful as what it was last year, it rained pretty much all day. We did still have the bouncy castle though which he loved, he was absolutely spoilt with gifts, he got so many.

My birthday was quiet, but I really enjoyed it. I went for a beautiful Indian meal with hubby, it was delicious! Indian and Chinese foods are my favourites, I could live off them, seriously. Afterwards we went to see Suicide Squad in 3D at the cinema, didn’t think I’d enjoy it but I actually did, really worth seeing this movie. I got around £75 in cash gifts too which was lovely, meaning I can put the money towards my private scan on Saturday. We’re going to a private clinic for a 4D Gender scan, so I’ll finally know if baby bump is pink or blue! Exciting times! I’d love to keep it a secret from people but the truth is I cant keep secrets, haha.

Hoping to get my butt working on Lovestrukk this week, I’d like to re open it within the next couple of weeks.

So sorry!

I can only apologize for changing the site again…I can’t decide how I want it. Basically I just paid for another 12 months hosting with and it seems a shame to waste it. I’ll put my content there and my blogs here, makes more sense. This will be purely my blog, no updates or content just my online diary 🙂 I have kept everyone’s links up though, more than happy to remain affiliates with you all.

So, what’s new with me? Well…my little boy turns 3 next Monday!!! Ah, I feel so emotional that he’s growing into such a big beautiful boy, I’m so proud of him. He’s so cheeky, but it’s forgivable because of how clever he is, he’s literally my whole world. We’ve decided rather than doing two parties, we are spending the day at the local soft play area, followed by a family meal out which will be nice, then on the Tuesday, it’s his superhero party. I’ve hired a bouncy castle and ordered a ton of food so I’m hoping the weather stays dry so we can enjoy it all outside. Last year we had torrential downpours on his birthday, the bouncy castle I hired wasn’t even used because it was too wet to play out, fingers crossed this year we have better luck. I still have to go town at the weekend and pick up the remaining things I need. Luckily I’ve finished his present shopping, so I just need to get wrapping paper and party games. I’m super excited and so is he, he literally asks me every day how many days until his birthday party, the countdown is officially on 😀

Today I had my dating scan, baby was measuring bang on with my dates which is great and was extremely active during the ultrasound. It was literally kicking and jumping about, stretching it’s little arms out and it was amazing to see all it’s tiny fingers. When I was pregnant with my son, he was a super lazy baby and never moved around in any of the scans so it was really fascinating to see such an active baby. Everything is going smoothly and I’ve booked a private 4D gender scan for August 13th!! I can’t wait! I’m 99.9% sure we are having another boy, although I would LOVE a little girl, I’m happy either way.